is a Greek word that means bondservant. In the New Testament times, it was not uncommon for a freed slave to voluntarily re-enter servitude to a master whom he loved. This servitude was called bondservice. Only a freed slave could be a bondservant and once he had chosen to become one, he could never be freed again. Neither could he be bought or sold, and he served his chosen master until death. When a man chose bondservice, he was taken to the front entrance of the house, and his right ear was laid against the doorpost. A nail was driven through his ear and a golden earring was placed in it. This golden earring was a symbol to all, of the servants choice and of his immunity to being made merchandise. Paul and Peter spoke of themselves as being bondservants to Christ. There is a service whose true name is freedom. (read I Peter 2:15-17; Luke 12:37). taken from Kemper Crabb's, The Vigil

Bible Studies

Old Testament Studies

A verse-by-verse study of the Old Testament. Attempting to restore the Hebrew understanding of the Scriptures.

Torah (Teaching)



  • Job - The story of a man who suffered. A study of the book of Job.
  • Song of Songs - The story of a life in pursuit of Jesus drawn from a study of the Song of Solomon.
  • Ruth

New Testament Studies

Acts - A study of the first 30 years of the Church.

Romans - Examinations and commentary on Paul's letter to the Church in Rome.

Colossians - Examinations and commentary on Paul's letter to the Church in Colossae.


Understanding Christianity

This is an examination of the basics of the Christian faith. First in excellent step-by-step Bible study for new believers to jump-start their understanding of the faith. Then a look at the Apostle's Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments. Also an understanding of Christian Baptism. All dealing with the Christian's convictions, communion with God, and code of conduct.

Part I: Introduction

New Life - A Bible study to help you begin the Christian Life.

Part II: Understanding

The Aposte's Creed - An examination of the basics of the Christian Life.

Part III: Entering in (In progress)

Baptism and Conversion - The most logical follow-up to understanding the basics of the Christian Life, a study on how your entering into the Christian faith.

Part IV: Heart to Heart

The Lord's Prayer - The most logical follow-up to first two studies, giving believer the perfect key to the whole business of living.

Part V: Design for Life

The Ten Commandments - There is no spiritual life without Jesus Christ and no spiritual health without understanding the law.

Dust and Stars - Lessons about living in the Body of Christ. A look at Home Groups; Discipleship; Fellowships and how you can make them part of your life.

Victorious Living - We are expected to live victoriously but you won't find it by satisfying the law.

The Lord's Supper - This is an examination of the historical and Hebrew understanding of Jesus' Last Supper.

Is Peter the Rock? - A study of Jesus' statement, ". . . on this rock I will build my church . . ."

Speaking in Tongues - What are "Tongues?" Why do we use them? How important are they in the life of a believer?

How to be Led by the Holy Spirit - A topic every believer needs to learn. "As many as are led by the Holy Spirit, they are the sons of God."

The Canon of Scripture - A look at the Canon of the Bible, or better, the two Canons that together form our modern Testaments.

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Hebrew Studies

Words Mean Something - What's the difference between "opinion" and "fact"? What's the significance between "Yehoveh" and "Allah"?

A Fresh Look at the Festivals - Understanding the Hebrew Festivals with a new understanding of Yesua's last days.

Where Did Evil Come From? - An examination of the source of Evil.